Embrace “Herstory” to Embody Her Glory


As women in today’s world it is easy to succumb to the standards society dictates in the epidemic for everyone to be in the “pursuit of happiness”. The reality is the destination of “your happy” place is not nearly as important as the pivotal and life changing moments that happen along the way. Rather than seeking to dismiss the tragedies, the trials and devastations that may occur in life, instead embrace each and every storm as a part of your story. The good, the bad and the ugly of life, all has its place. Every woman has “herstory” that inevitably becomes a part of the history of her life. In order to embrace who you are at this point and move forward with future possibilities, you must make peace with your past. Your new challenge is to embody those seasons in life that will lead to the glorious moments of being fulfilled, living your life purpose, excelling in your gifts and being the best you, you can be.

    Embrace what you once considered mistakes or leaps of faith you took that did not work out how you expected. Gain a new perspective that these were your life lessons that mapped out how to do things differently when you were faced with the similar obstacles. Hold them not as hinderances but house them as the valuable life experience they are. Do not waste another moment editing the imperfections from your past. Claim the broken relationships, face the financial downfalls, embrace the unwanted pounds, release the regrets and most importantly -  forgive the unforgivable. There is no embarrassment because of your story, your worth as a woman is impeccable because of all you have overcome. Do not allow your doubts to destroy you. Where you are today may not look like the exceptional end you are working towards, but as you build your story every lesson prepares you for the person you need to become to reach that goal.

     Years ago, before the exceptional technology we have today with cell phone cameras we relied on disposable cameras. These cameras were user friendly and had only one lifetime use once it reached the max number of photos. The unique aspect of a disposable camera is, once you finished taking all the photos, you submit the film to be processed. In essence, you didn’t get the advantage to view the end result of that photo in that moment but only after the negatives had been developed. The same concept goes for your life story. Often times events happen one after another and we cannot see how the negatives work towards the development of the overall bigger picture of your life.

    Time spent in the dark moments of life, while things are processing can be discouraging. Your season of processing is just that, a season meant to serve a purpose. Stand firm and remind yourself that all of what happens to you matters. It will not all be pleasant, however as you embrace the various chapters of your life it is all for your development to ultimately fulfill your greatest life purpose. Embody your glory by spending time accepting the cards that life has dealt you, not in manner of defeat but one of strength and tenacity. This all builds the glory of your story.

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